sábado, 24 de julio de 2010


-Hey, I need to talk to you.
-Yeah, tell me.
-Well, I've been thinking that I don't wanna be with you anymore... I don't want to hang out anymore.
-I don't know... It's because of many reasons... There are certain characteristics of your personality that I can't stand anymore. You actually have many problems and don't want to solve them. And I don't like the way you solve them when you do.
-I don't have problems.
-Oh, yes, you do! You just deny it.
-Well, let's suppose I have problems. If you say you love me, then help me not to have them.
-It's just that... That's the problem.
-... I don't love you anymore.
-Yesterday you said you loved me. Was it a lie? Didn't you feel it?
-I'm sorry...
-Since when are you like this?
-It's just that I don't wanna hurt you.
-Since when?!
-Well, I have already thought about it before, but...
-So you're telling me that all this time we've been together you've been lying to me and you've been saying that you loved me when you didn't even feel it...
And now I drink in order to keep myself warm and that's how I can kill all the memories so that I don't think of him anymore. If it's impossible for me to feel better, how could I hope that someone would ever care about me?
-Hey, what happened?
-Err... I'm calling you to tell you that I miss you, don't you?
-I don't think you should know the answer.
-Don't you think I should have known what you did to me? Or what? I know you miss me and you want to be with me... Won't you say anything at all?...
-I already told you what I had to said to you. I already made my decision. I swear nothing's gonna change.
-So... Don't you care about what I have to tell you?
-I do care but nothing's going to change, ok?
-What happened? Why the fuck did you screw it up just like that?
-Just let me go, please. I don't want you to wait for me anymore 'cause nothing's gonna change.
-That's my problem.
-You're right.
-You know? No one is ever gonna love you as I do. No one!-I got to go. Take care, alright?
And now I drink in order to keep myself warm. That's how I can kill the memories so that I don't think of him anymore. And I believed in the promise of a happy life, it hurts too much to know that it won't ever be possible again.

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