miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

I came to tell you something

Can't get you out of my feelings just like that, you know? Actually, I'm eating my heart in order not to let the truth... Explode. Because I know it's not worth it.
It doesn't matter if I die trying to hide my feelings for you. I find it hard to admit it, but I fucking love you too much. Do you know where it ends? Madness.
You made me go mad when I was in love with you. I couldn't control myself, I wasn't strong enough to fight that feeling. What's happened to me?
I'm sure I'll break your heart once I get your love. That's what I always do. I'm so sorry I couldn't tell you this before but... You have to understand me: this situation between you and me is quite complicated. None of us knows what they want.
What am I saying? I need you EVERY day, I want to be with you ALL the time, I'd like to kiss you every time you smile. And at the same time, I'm looking for revenge. So? However, on the other hand, you play with me. You like it. I bet you can feel the power, can't you?
Whatever, I don't think I can get through the same depression I had when you... You know. Nobody knows how this will end up. I'm so fucked up in this deep mess.

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